A Few of my Favourite Things

I’m quite in love with two things beginning with C at the moment. One is coconut oil, a craze for which has swept madly over the entire planet recently! I’m not ashamed to join the brethren of coconut oil groupies though – I’m proud. The stuff is damn good! It goes in my smoothies, in my stir fries, in my hair, on my skin, on my lips, in my vegan ice-cream and into my baking. I’m wild for it!

I had wanted to try using it in my hair for ages but wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it until my friend showed me the other day. I’ll break it down here in case anybody else had the same problem as me!

Okay, so first either melt around 3 tablespoons of the oil on the hob gently until it loses form, or just rub it between your palms, it’ll melt fine by the heat that generates. Just be sure to keep a bowl under your hands to catch the drips! Don’t want to waste any.
When you have a bowl full of coconut magic, you can either carefully tip it over your hair and then massage it in (be sure to have a towel round your shoulders) or do what I do which is scoop it up carefully and smooth it into hair from the roots down, massaging gently when it’s all in.
Your hair will look greasy and disgusting so do this at night! Then, wrap your hair in a towel, old shirt, or large piece of cling film and get a good nights sleep.
In the morning, wash the stuff out thoroughly and prepare to be amazed by how glorious your hair looks!

The other C substance I’m cuckoo for is (NOT an illegal drug, as my friend just suggested after a peek at this post) – No. It’s cinnamon!

My friends and family find it so odd that I’m enamoured with cinnamon as it tends to be linked to very unhealthy things like cinnamon buns/swirls, cakes, cookies, etc. Surprise though! It’s actually the sugar, eggs, milk, blah blah blah that make those things fattening and unhealthy, not the cinnamon. In fact, this christmassy spice has tonnes of health benefits.

Cinnamon’s really good for calcium levels, which is so important for us vegans as we don’t have milk, and it’s also incredibly high in manganese and fibre! Manganese is important to keep our brain and body functioning correctly, and fibre improves digestive health whilst also going towards preventing heart disease, some cancers, weight gain and diabetes.

So go get your cinnamon fix!


It’s A Date!

I went to see a rather awful show the other day. Terrible, actually, but the wonderful people I went with more than made up for it.

…Oh, along with the awesome truffles I made to bring along, of course!

They were very, very good. Even my non-health-freak friends thought so. They munched on them happily whilst the actors tortured us, not even thinking about buying the usual junk food that accompanies a theatre trip.

Sweet success! And, they’re really easy to make – joy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

15 or so dates,

a teaspoonful of honey,

a tablespoonful of Cacao powder

a pinch or two of cinnamon,

a tablespoonful of coconut oil,

a handful of dessicated coconut.

If you aren’t that concerned with making them super healthy, or don’t have some of those ingredients to hand, the coconut oil can be swapped for butter and the cacao for regular cocoa powder.

SO, here’s what they look like:


AND here’s what you do:

Take your dates and tip them into the food processor, blending until they make a sticky, sweet mix that bunches together.

Whilst you’re doing that you can be melting your coconut oil, cacao, honey and cinnamon into a syrup on the hob, medium-or-less heat.

Once your dates are gooey enough for your satisfaction simply pour them into a mixing bowl, scraping the sides of the blender with a spoon, and pour the syrup you’ve made over the top.

Mix well so that the stuff gets even stickier. It should be coming together easily now (and tasting really good!)

On a small plate pour your dessicated coconut and then roll the date mixture into balls – you choose how big and how many – rolling them lightly in the coconut once that’s done.

Put the truffles onto a baking tray and freeze for an hour or so.


Told you it was easy. And very healthy 🙂 No need to feel guilty whilst consuming these little beauties.

Now onto a different type of date…of the romance variety. I have one tonight with a young man who will be known here as army lad because…he’s in the army, and I can’t think of a more original fake name thing.

But anyway, wish me luck! Next post is Quinoa Pizza which I’ll be attempting tomorrow whilst my friends dine on the ready-made but not-as-healthy variants from Pizza Express.