Ramblings of a Bored Receptionist


I open with that because HAWAI WOULD BE REALLY NICE RIGHT NOW. I can’t wait for my proper summer to start where I DON’T have to work 9-5 and I will be in SPAIN sampling churros and paella and ogling the gorgeous…

…local fruit and veg.

What did you think I was going to say? 😉

But yes. I’m really excited and impatient, and that’s all this post really is, I suppose. Well, I did just have my second driving lesson (teacher: “you’re an unpredictable nightmare. I think I’ll need to take a valium for your next lesson.”

me: *giggles nervously* “…sorry…”)

The roads of Jersey, Channel Islands, the warmest place in the British Isles, are no longer safe.


Anyway. Moving on from driving fiascos. I have my first counselling session in a long time this evening…in 2 hours and 6 minutes, to be precise. I’m quite nervous really as it’s a general ‘seeing how I’m doing with my eating’ consultation and I’ve been struggling lately. Hopefully the counsellor will be nice though. My last one was a goon.

An – Y – Way

To distract myself as I sit here at the same reception desk I sit at every day, I am looking through blogs and weeding out recipes as I’m fending for myself these next ten days! Mother and Father are popping off on a jolly holiday. My thinking is, if I plan out all the recipes and get excited about them then I won’t skip meals or not-eat.

Here are some I’ve got lined up so far:

Mmmmmmmm, though I haven’t eaten an egg in months so the first should be novel!


In this general news round-up that you probably don’t actually care about (soz) I will also, finally, add that I got my vegetable hating uncle to eat (and like) a beetroot cake yesterday. Post to follow avec picture. Score.



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